About PEI:

Prince Edward Island is a province located in eastern Canada, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, border of the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.  Despite of the smallest province in terms of land & population in Canada (nearly 160,000 people), Prince Edward Island is a very famous tourism island, dubbed “The most beautiful garden of the Bay”, attracting more than 1,500,000 visitors to the island in the festival season.

This paradise island will offer a fully surprise.  With every new adventure step, an indescribable beauty and a culinary culture beyond expectations, Prince Edward Island will mesmerize you at the beginning sight.

Explore Princes Edward Island through one of the many festivals & events involving food, culture, adventure & more.


In the spring, many things on the Island begin to flare up: Dance or music gatherings at the Irish Hall begin in May, Piping College in Summerside hosts the annual Highland Storm Festival, followed by the non-stop activities until October.  Therefore, you should be ready to participate, entertain the holiday when you plan to visit the Island.  In addition to the great annual events, keep an eye for new activities such as: Festival of Small Halls in Spring, Fall Flavors in September, Jazz & Blue Festival, Festival music at the Cavendish Sea; to feature many of the best artists, concerts and even historical reenactments.

Let’s choose our favorites through the list of activities on the Island:



  • Date: December 14 – 17
  • Location: Charlottetown

This festival was performed for the largest winter carnival east of Quebec City.  Watching snow and ice come to life through the unique artworks of Canada’s Olympic-winning Snow Sculpting Team.  There are manythings for the entire family to participate in; TV shows & characters loved by kids, indoor & outdoor winter activities and real public performances.


  • Date: from May to October
  • Location: Charlottetown

There is something special for everyone in this festival.  Experience Canada’s best love story with a tribute to the musical talents of Anne & Gilbert.  The music is melodious, warm, comedy is funny and highly entertaining for the family.  The play “The Guild” is sure to entertain you and make you come back for many times


  • Date: May 8 – 10
  • Location: Charlottetown Yatch Club

The festival is a unique culinary experience held in a historically important area (Charlottetown Waterfront).  All to mark the first fishing trip & enjoy the freshest seafood of the year!  Pier dances, lobster parties, award-winning concerts & sailing tours.  Welcome spring with the Island’s exciting seafood & entertainment.


  • Date: From June to September
  • Location: Green Gables Beach – Indian River.

The Indian River Festival offers a wide range of concerts throughout the summer considered one of the best acoustic meeting places.  Enjoy classical, marine, jazz, ethnic, folk, choral music, chant and more.  Located in the historic church of St. Mary’s Church, the Indian River Festival, the combination of music and spectrum creates a concert experience like no others.  Built in 1902, the church of St. Mary’s Church is a great example of French Gothic architecture and the famous architect, William Critchlow Harris, created a wonderful place for concerts.  Wihout the rustic fields & pine forests near Malpeque Bay, the INDIAN RIVER Festival is an experience not to be missed.



  • Date: June 01 – August 31
  • Location: Georgetown.

One of the oldest theaters in Canada, King’s Playhouse is the cultural & entertainment hub of the eastern PEI Island area, the Georgetown area’s only community meeting place that has been welcoming audiences at all ages for more than 120 years.  Events include celebrating local and international musicians, weekly dances, stage plays and more.  This theater was recently expanded to be usable, installing an air-conditioning system to provide the best comfort.


  • Date: June 3 – September 26
  • Location: Charlottetown

Celebrating the best performers, designers, playwrights, composers, choreographers and directors, the Charlottetown festival is a musical, play (comedy & tragedy) show has been operating for more than 50 years.  Charlottetown Festival is an activity celebrating Canada’s artistic repertoire, held annually in the central city of Prince Island.  Drama actors, dancers, musicians come from all over Canada to showcase their talents through musical productions from June to October.  There are 4 stages managed by the Center for the Arts. Federation: Homburg theater was recently upgraded with 1100 seats and facilities and facilities for production of works – “Red-hair Anne under the green gables”, since its first showing in 1965.  The Mack, a 200-seat theater designed for private atmosphere & festival productions. Studio, theater with 100 seats, recently built new & smaller.  And the outdoor stage where each year the Federal Center Youth Group performs energetically & freely to celebrate Canadian culture.  Canada’s top singers & dancers are drawn to Prince Island each season, participating in theater festival activities that celebrate the country’s stories & culture with live music performances, funky & inspirational dance.

The most popular & successful work of this Festival is still the musical comedy, “Anne of Green Gables”.  This captivating story is about an imaginative red-haired orphan who is bailed out to cause heartwarming stories and hilarious disagreements.


  • Date: June 28 –> September 25.
  • Location: Charlottetown

The King’s Comedy and Carnival Costumes in Charlottetown are back for the 56th consecutive summer, a testament to the global appeal of “vintage inspired classics” from a classic work”.  The whole story is about an orphan girl who came from far away & changed the island forever.


  • Date: June 07 -> 21
  • Location: PEI

Featuring over 50 performances over 14 days in June, held in 45 small halls in rural community areas, this Festival celebrates traditional music & dance in every part of the Island.

Being held during the month of June across the Island, the Festival offers special performances to celebrate the unexplored places of the Island.  Performers have given the community its first jigs or revived the stage where they first plucked the strings.

Recognized in 2009, East Coast Music Awards nominated for “Event of the Year”, the Festival blends music & dance from various cultures from Ireland, Scotland – wool & Canada. With the pride of the Island, the Festival celebrates singers & songwriters and a wide range of Blue & Country music. A wonderful blend of basic & old notes played in old country halls of various shapes & sizes.


  • Date: from June 24 –> August 29
  • Location: North Rustico

Located in North Rustico, Watermark theater strives to produce & stage the most professional classical plays on Prince Island.  You’ll find the best of British, American and European playwrights in the town of North Rustico.  By producing & performing scripts, music & art shows, our goal is to enrich & contribute to the communities in which we work, live & the Canadian theater community.  Watermark Theater believes that the development of the next generations of artists & managers will be through through professional training & guidance.

The plays are selected from all the repertoire according to the criteria of at least 50 years for international performances & 30 years for Canadian performances.

In all our shows, we strive to bring together artistic and vocal talents to perform, influence, and engage audiences.

In the 2019 season, there will be the hilarious comedy “Boeing Boeing” by Marc Camoletti and the Pulitzer Prize-winning play “Crimes of the Heart” by Beth Henley.


  • Time: From June 22 –> September 04
  • Location: North Rustico

The longest play in the world, gripping the audience’s suspense from beginning to end since 1952.  Full of mysterious twists and turns, a group of strangers are trapped at an inn during a blizzard, discovering that a killer is hiding among them.


  • Time: from July 02 –> September 04
  • Location: North Rustico

“Journey to Bountiful” is a story about Carrie Watts, an elderly woman who longs to escape the cramped Houston apartment where she lives with her sheltered son & domineering husband. Carrie dreams of making one last trip to Bountiful, Texas, where she spent her childhood.


  • Time: From June ngày 25 –> September 20
  • Location: Victoria

Victoria is the oldest operating small indoor theater on Prince’s Island, set in the quiet & historic halls of the Victorian Town Community.  A favorite entertainment venue for the Islanders and visitors, presenting comedies, plays of the literary genre and concerts.  That is reason why the New York Times calls the Victoria Theater a true gem, friendly & professional.


  • Time: From July 01 –> September 30
  • Location: Summerside

Located in the beautiful downtown waterfront area of Summerside, the Harbourfront Theater Festival is a cozy and elegant 520-seat venue that celebrates regional cultures through live performances of drama & music productions during the summer months.  Featuring famous performers and sea-based entertainment, the Harbourfront Theater Festival has everything for everyone to see.


  • Time: October 18
  • Summerside: Summerside

After 18 albums, countless awards, conquering & wowing audiences around the globe, this year THE LEGENDARY DOWNCHILD BLUES BAND will perform a brand new show to celebrate its 50th anniversary, performing featured hits like “Flip, Flop & Fly” as well as thank you fans.


  • Time: October 29
  • Location: Summerside

THE LONELY show pays homage to everyone & only Roy Orbison performs with famous songs of Traveling Wilburys & The Everly Brothers.


Prince Edward Island has many unique things to explore, as many as grains of sand in the sea.  Please choose one of the special travel packages below:

  • GOLF

Prince Edward Island welcomes visitors at all ages, creating enjoyable experiences for all to enjoy.  The Island has some of the most stunning scenery in the world.  In addition to the town scenery, rolling green hills & rural scenery will keep your camera active.  The rich local cuisine coupled with fresher seafood than anywhere in the world will make your mouth water.  And if you like golf, Prince Island has many of the best courses in Canada to suit your level & budget.  Plan your memorable vacation to discover things only available on the Island.

a. Driving along the coast of the Island

Explore the Island by driving along the coast.  Pack your camera and phone, this car trip will give you unforgettable memories.  The trip will be marked by rich scenes and will be difficult to repeat because each path leads to a new discovery.

  • Northern Cape: (350 km)
    • The Northern Cape of the Island will lead you through a land where pies are made from seaweed, houses are made of bottles & the thriving culture of the Acadian & Mi’kmaq people. A university dedicated to the arts of the highlands, a lighthouse rebuilt as a guest house and a museum dedicated to the most famous potato in the world, are interesting places to stop by during your journey.
  • Central of Island: (253 km)
    • The central area of the Island consists of places running along the Northumberland Strait where sandstone cliffs are front & center. The scenery here is so beautiful.  You set foot on the Federation Bridge and you will see the wonderful ocean view north of Prince Edward Island.  This car tour will contain unique milestones that you won’t want to miss during this vacation.
    • The central area of the Island has 2 distinct sightseeing areas: The Red Sands Shore includes outdoor adventure activities and many small villages (Green Gables Shore) is littered with beautiful beaches, golf courses and, of course, place of “Anne in the Green Gables” heritage from Lucy Maud Montgomery’s. These 2 areas will offer you the bustling & surprising life of Prince Island.
  • Charlottetown:

Charlottetown is an amazing vibrant seaside city.  A place full of historic charm, full of never-ending festivals & events, arts and crafts shops & world-class restaurants.  For this part of the Island, you want to stroll the streets, the coastline, or hop on a boat to take in the ocean views.

The area is a cultural hub, attracting performers from all over. As you walk around downtown, you will hear all many kinds of music.  Canada was born and formed in Charlottetown, when the Fathers of Confederation met at the National Historic House in 1864 to discuss the founding of the nation of Canada.  The National Historic House was recently renovated and restored, but you can see the exhibits at the Federal Art Center.

  • East points of the Island: (475 km)
    • Driving in the East of the Island will give you a clearer view of life on the Island. The charm, friendliness & simple beauty will make you have a relaxing stay that will help you re-energize when you drive in this area.  In addition to the peace, the East of the Island has unique adventures worth exploring.  Drive slowly, breathe in the ocean air & enjoy this memorable vacation.
    • While driving in this area, remember to visit the towns, talk to the locals, and enjoy the rustic food. This area boasts 13 golf courses, 50 beaches, 6 lighthouses, 34 cultural & historical attractions, over 100 restaurants, 12 parks, 6 heritage trails & 1 national park.
    • With 475 km long driving journey through red cliffs, piers, beaches, lively livestock farms. Explore hiking and biking trails, visit local craft shops and immerse yourself in the local culture with a few tips:
      • The eastern part of the Island is a great place to discover another side of the Island’s history. Examples: Orwell Corner Historic Village or Roma National Historic Site at Three Rivers.
      • Visit Point Prim, the oldest Lighthouse in Prince Island
      • Sand dune cliffs, seals, dolphins, deserted beaches are the pleasant surprises you will get at Cape Bear Lighthouse beach area. This Lighthouse has received several emergency calls from the legendary Titanic.
      • Visit the Fishing Village at Murray Pier. Here, you will see many beautiful landscapes stretching from cliffs and coastlines to livestock farms and poetic village rivers.
      • Located on a raised road, the Panmure Island area is one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in Prince Island. You will be mesmerized by the view & tides along both sides of the road.
      • Walk along the footpath at the Montague waterfront area. You’ll get great views of the marina and links to the Confederation Trail.
      • If you love golf, you can do a few tee shots at Brudenell, Crowbush Cove or Dundarave courses.
      • Visit Georgetown, the town with the first pier built on the east coast and the deepest pier in North America. Georgetown may be a small town, but the friendliness of the people and the character of the town is extremely rich and rich.
      • As you drive from the north to the eastern points of the Island, passing fishing villages, bays, and creeks along the way, you get a glimpse of the Island way of life. Experience the sound of singing the sands of the Island at Basin Head Provincial Park, a popular spot with locals and tourists alike.
      • You will feel like you are standing at the top of the world when you visit the East Point Lighthouse. This Lighthouse has a self-guided or self-guided tour, a handicraft shop, coffee shop and camping area next door.
      • Take a tour to the Greenwich section of Prince Island National Park and experience one of Canada’s unique natural treasures, the parabolic dune system. Once there, walk the floating walkways to one of the Island’s legendary white sand beaches.
      • The St. Peter’s to Morell of the Confederation Trail will show you a bustling harbor, wondrous beaches and breathtaking views along the roads.

b. Activities on the sea:

Prince Edward Island & beaches.  They are almost synonymous.  When visitors think of Prince Edward Island, most will immediately think of warm, smooth sand beaches, red sandstone cliffs, calm blue skies and white foam waves of the surrounding beaches.  The island has a coastline of 1,100 km, most of which have pristine and primitive beaches.  This is what the English, French, Scottish and Icelandic settlers first found when they arrived in this land many centuries ago.  And in many cases, this island is still the first place which tourists want to look to make their trip.

If you want to take a nap in the sun, splash in the water, build a sandcastle, take a leisurely walk, or watch a beautiful sunset, there is always the suitable beach for you on the Island.

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